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Anonymous said: There are people saying kanye paid GQ money so they could have kim kardashian as the GQ woma of the year. And i dont want to believe it but it kinda makes sense. Why not beyoncè? Or angelina jolie? But kim k? Wats she known the most for? Her sex tape.




When will people recognize the amount of success she has amassed in the last year? Who is doing what she’s doing? Seriously, answer that! She is her brand, KIM KARDASHIAN WEST. She is a walking brand. The only people who can believe something like that are people who are lazy and don’t believe in themselves. STOP using Kim as a scapegoat to excuse your shitty ass life. She is not “known” for her sex tape at this point, lets be all the way factual. Yes, she had a tape released without her consent. She sued, she won. To say she’s known just for that is foolish. She has a video game that has earned her millions of dollars in a few short months, if not weeks! She is a business woman, accept that. She is a mother, accept that. She is a wife, accept that. Accept that you have just as many hours in a day that she does, do better. 

Finally!! People really ought to stop judging and labeling everyone else and pay more attention to their own miserable lives.


Such and informative and humorous interview…”journey” I die! 😂

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